Disney Studios uses Augmented Reality and Machine Learning to promote a new film.

Marketing - Disney - MAchine Learning

The context:

For the promotion of their film "Pete's Dragon", Disney studios delivered an augmented reality experience, via a mobile app called "Dragon spotting" in which users seek out Elliot, a virtual dragon hidden behind every day objects.

A clever move...

This article was written inspired by the original story published here.
This is actually a very clever marketing move from Disney, as "Pete's Dragon" is a remake of a 1977 classic that was very popular at the time, precisely because it mixed reality with animations. By providing this Augmented Reality experience, Disney not only generates buzz around its movie, it also engages with the public and those that watched the original movie



How does it work?

The mobile app asks the user to identify a list of everyday objects, such as a couch, a tree, a table or a chair. It access the device's camera and sends the pictures for analysis to an API from Google called Cloud Vision. This API has been trained over the years to be able to recognise objects (entities) in different images. With the label detection functionality, it can automatically check if the user correctly identified the objects the app was expecting and in this case, it superposes an animation of the dragon on the camera layers and the user then finds Elliot the Dragon! You can download Dragon Spotting here.


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