Machine Learning applied to Marketing

Marketing professionals around the world are using Machine Learning to generate buzz, segment the market, improve their Business Intelligence platforms and even to automatically buy and improve their online campaigns. Find out some inspiring concrete examples by reading the following case studies.

Marketing Disney - Machine Learning

Launched "Dragon spotting", an augmented reality mobile app to promote its movie "Pete's Dragon"

Marketing Tommy Hilfiger

Identify fashion trends that resonate with the users, before they even appear on the runways of New York and Paris

Marketing Danone

Apply product classification and recognition to user submitted images for an existing marketing campaign

Marketing Washington Post

Improve and optimise adverting targeting capabilities for its customers to increase sales

Marketing Carphone warehouse

Improve user experience and increase sales with a digital shopping assistant (chatbot) called Cami

Machine Learning Real Estate

Developed a mobile App that uses GPS and image recognition to know the value of a property