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How artificial is Artificial Intelligence?


neural network

Image 1. Illustration of the human brain, a great living network of information processing.



I am a biologist and from my precarious corner of knowledge, but thanks to the close relationship with professionals from multiple disciplines, mostly linked to the Neuroscience Institute of the Universidad del Bosque,I have entered into the fascinating adventure of understanding the basics of Artificial Intelligence.


Step by step, I have come to understand that the elements that govern Machine Learning may not be so different, at least at their fundamental core, from those that govern human learning.



neural network

Image 2. Illustration of a "Deep Artificial Neural Network", a basic piece of machine learning.



I will then dedicate some of my future articles to share what little I have been discovering about Artificial Intelligence. I hope not to bore my readers. I promise to intersperse these series of articles with other less abstract ones. I hope to continue sharing my photographs, all records of the wonderful miracle of the universe and its most beautiful expression: Life.

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