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What is machine learning?


​"Machine Learning is the domain of Artificial Intelligence that studies how to get software to perform certain cognitive tasks such as classification, prediction and clustering, getting better at it over time without human interaction"


We are the Machine Learning Lab and we are on a mission to make artificial intelligence available to all!


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Machine Learning for all !


Machine learning is is currently used by all types of organisations around the world.

Concrete ML applications can go from optimising a marketing campaign, launching a chatbot, analysing the performance of a call center or even doing preventive repair in manufacturing.


What can Machine Learning do for you?


We believe concrete examples speak for themselves and are more likely to inspire you. Check below a list of specific Machine Learning applications in real organisations around the world.

Machine learning applied Marketing

Create marketing buzz, offer a new type of shopping experience, increase qualified leads, and much more with Machine Learning.


Improve content personalisation, create video metadata automatically, improve search engine results, reduce content creation time.

Human ressources - Machine Learning

Improve your recruiting and hiring process, increase application/candidate conversion rates and calculate fit score for new talents.

Engineering - Machine Learning

Improve your services, products, and user experiences to differentiate yourself from your competitors, and enter new markets with Machine Learning algorithms and models



​If Machine Learning inspires you as much as it inspires us, contact us!



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