Discovering Artificial Intelligence

Open to beginners and non-developers

180 €


Green Space , 28 rue du chemin vert, 75011 Paris

Artificial Intelligence, you've heard about it, but you wonder if it is an area reserved only to geniuses and Nobel laureates of mathemathics...

Think again! Artificial Intelligence can be learned by everone and you too can master the subject, even if you are not an engineer and have never programmed in your life.

Take your first steps in the world of AI:

  • Find out what Machine Learning is and what it's all about.
  • For a day, get into the shoes of an Artificial Intelligence engineer.
  • Create a software capable of analyzing and classifying images by itself.


machine learning


    Three good reasons to embark yourself in this journey:

    1. Artificial Intelligence interests you but you do not know anything about it and you would like to have better understanding of the subject.
    2. You are considering option careers and AI seduces you but you do not know where to begin.
    3. You are an entrepreneur or "director of innovation" and you wonder if artificial intelligence can help you in your job.

    No computer or programming skills are required to attend this workshop, you just need be curious and be eager to learn.


    Agenda :

    • Introduction to artificial intelligence and machine learning
    • Concrete use cases of machine learning in companies
    • Introduction to basic concepts
    • Life cycle of a machine learning project
    • Lunch and networking
    • Workshop: Creating an image classifier
      • Data collection
      • Image classification with Google Cloud AutoML Vision
    • Coffee break
    • In the shoes of an artificial intelligence engineer
    • How to go further in your knowledge path of artificial intelligence
    • End of the workshop

    Workshop limited to 12 people maximum.

    Price: 180 TTC


    To register : Please fill in the form above. After your registration, you will receive an email with the payment instructions. Your registration will be final only upon receipt of your payment.


    Following this workshop:

    • You will have acquired a general culture around AI and you'll know what supervised learning, unsupervised learning, neural networks, deep learning, and other industry terms are.
    • You will understand what can be done concretely with Machine Learning.
    • You will know if this is a career path for you and if so, how to acquire the necessary skills to work in this field.
    • It's not just theory, you will have built a functional image classifier.
    • You'll get an idea of ​​what a machine learning project looks like and you will be able to interact with data scientists by speaking their language.

    To follow this workshop, you must bring your own laptop and you must know how to use it (browse your folders, use an excel file and use a web browser). Just note that this workshop will be in french.


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