Introduction to machine learning


Green Space , 28 rue du chemin vert, 75011 Paris

Machine learning, you have surely heard about it.

Newspapers devote at least one article per day to artificial intelligence and the changes that new technologies already have on our lives. But by the way, what is machine learning? What does it do? How it concerns me? Come to our session where we will demystify the subject !!

This session is for anyone curious about this topic, regardless of their level of expertise.


Program of the event:

  • Greeting
  • What is machine learning?
  • How is machine learning used nowadays?
    • Cancer diagnosis
    • Virtual assistants
    • Autonomous driving
    • Searching for missing people
    • Movie recommendations
    • Classification of cucumbers :)
  • The machine learning profession
  • Networking around a drink

Please note that this conference will be given in french.