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How to train a Machine to recognize handwritten numbers in a picture (or anything else for that matter)

handwritten numbers

Recognizing hand written numbers

In this post, I will explain how to use Machine Learning to build a piece of software that is able to recognize handwritten numbers. I will also explain what other applications this could have for you and your business. This being said, I will not go into implementation details, nor into the mathematics of how this works, the post will just explain the general idea behind this principle.

How cloud computing made Machine Learning available for all

cloud ai

Machine Learning used to be really expensive

Once upon a time, if you wanted to implement a machine learning project, besides from an exploitable dataset, you also needed two things:

  • An incredibly expensive salary (over $300K) to hire a ML expert, specialised in a particular field (deep learning, convolutional neural networks, etc)
  • Huge and very expensive IT infrastructure, specially to do the parallel computing required to train ML models.

Both these elements made it impossible for normal companies to implement Machine Learning in their every day operations and ML was reserved to only the wealthiest corporations in the world.